School Care

School - Care

With schools going virtual Camp Men-O-Lan wants to be here for you. We are offering school care to students at Camp to provide childcare and social interaction as they do their virtual school. 

Why Men-O-Lan

We know there are many childcare options out there. Something that sets us apart is that we have 180 acres of beautiful wooded property and will get the kids outside for breaks and lunch when the weather allows it. Enjoy the smaller group size that will enable fewer opportunities for contacts 



  • Session 1 is offered through November 20th.

  • Additional days can be added in November.

  • The program will be offered each week Monday to Friday.

  • Session 2 will be evaluated prior to the November 20th date depending on need and school plans.

     Daily schedule

  •  Students may arrive at 7:30AM with a departure time of 3:30PM.

  •  The schedule will follow your school district’s schedule, but generally would be:

    • 7:30-8:00am check in

    • Morning study time with break time

    • Lunch – outside if the weather is nice

    • Afternoon sessions with break time

  • After care programs will run until 6:00PM.


  •  $40.00 a day per child

  •  After Care - $20.00 a day per child

  •  $180 per week for 5 days of school care.

  •  Students may choose one day to up to five days a week, but you must commit to the days for the whole session.

  •  You must commit to the entire session when you register.

  •  Scholarships are available.

Who can attend:

Any school age children from grades 2nd-12th may enroll.


  • Students must be dropped off at Camp Men-O-Lan and picked up by approved people.


  • Participants must bring their own food.

  •  Meals will be eaten at student’s desk area or outside if the weather is nice.


  •  Upon arrival the students will have to answer screening questions and get a daily temperature check to come into the classroom. 

  •  Masks will be required. Students may remove the mask when sitting alone at their tables that will be positioned in a social distant way. 

Other notes 

  •  We will have two supervisors who have passed background checks for the classroom supervision.

  •  Camp Men-O-Lan is a Christian Camp and Retreat Center with strongly held religious beliefs. We ask that all students who participate in School Care agree to respect those beliefs and act in accordance to our camper policies.

  •  This program is applicable for PA State Covid-19 restrictions in Green and Yellow phases. Camp Men-O-Lan will not be open during the Red Phase. 

  •  Please contact the office at 215-679-5144 or for more information or to register.

  • Fill out this form to give us some more information and sign up. We do need enough people to be interested to be able to run the program so tell your friends about us!