Family Camp

Bring your whole family to Camp!

Get a taste of what our summer camp is like! Bring your immediate family, a family unit up to 10 people (i.e. cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.), or gather your family’s best friends (up to 10 people) and register for a day packed with camp-like activities. Choose from active or laid-back options and add your choice of lunch for everyone!

How does it work?

  1. You register for a Family Camp date via our camper registration platform.
  2. During the registration process you will add up to 10 participants you are planning to bring.
  3. As part of the registration process, you pre-select the activities you would like to do. You can select up to 4 choices. (As there will be multiple Family Units on site, this helps us schedule everyone’s activities and ensure that groups enjoy privacy and safe distance from others.)
  4. Select lunches for everyone.
  5. Sign the COVID waiver, pay the registration fee, and you are all set!

What to expect when you arrive to Family Camp

  1. You will be asked to park your car and wait there while on of our staff members checks you in. We have to go through the (by now) usual COVID questions and do a quick temperature check (we use a touch-free thermometer).
  2. After your entire group (we call it the Family Unit) is checked in we will walk you to your Base Camp.
  3. You will be given your schedule for the day, as well as some of the supplies or equipment you will need for your selected activities.
  4. We’ll explain how the Family Units will rotate between activities and locations during the day.
  5. You have fun!

But What if it Rains?

We are not afraid of a little drizzle, but if there is lightening, we cannot safely be outside. In this case, as most of our activities are outdoors, we will give you the option to reschedule your date.


Please check back for additional dates as we are refreshing our scheduled events regularly.

Next Family Camp dates

  • Thursday, August 20, 10am to 3pm

  • Tuesday, August  25, 10am to 3pm


$25/person (5-99 years old)

Household Discount: If your immediate family group (family members from the very same household) have more than 5 people participating in Family Camp, we will cap the maximum fee for your family at $125 (equals the cost of 5 participants). Please note that your family unit can consist of more than one household, and this discount is applied strictly for individual households and not entire family units.

(Example: the Smith Family, and their cousins, the Millers are coming to Camp as a Family Unit of 10 people. The Smith family brings 2 adults and 4 children who all live in the same household, the Millers come with 1 adult and 3 kids from the same household. The Smith family can request the Household Discount as they have 5+ participants from the same household. The total cost of the Family Unit will be $225. Smith Family: $125, Miller Family: $100.)

What’s on the Menu?


  • Ball Games (Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer)
  • Camp Classics (Gaga, 9-Square in the Air, Air-O-Sport)
  • Lawn Games (Ladder Golf, Corn Toss)
  • Hiking (Nature Walk, Rock Hop*)
  • Lake (Paddle boats, Canoes, Fishing-BYOG**)
  • Waterslide

*Note: the Rock Hop is NOT recommended for children under the age of 8, because participants have to hop from rock to rock, which requires that the person is tall enough, and has high level of coordination, balance, and gross motor skills. Please remember that after it rains the rocks may be extra slippery.

**BYOG=Bring Your Own Gear. Fishing gear, that is. We have the fish and fishing is catch and release, please.

  • Family Kids Devotions
  • Family Teen Devotions
  • Table Talk (Conversation starters, an alternative to devotions)
  • Men-O-Craft for Little Hands (5-12 years)
  • Men-O-Craft for Crafty Hands (12 and older)
  • Service Project #1: Honoring Everyday Heroes (make cards for first responders and health care workers)
  • Service Project #2: Make Joy Bloom (plant flowers in a pot for an elderly on lonely person)
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap
  • Southwest Chicken Wrap
  • Turkey & Cheese Wrap
  • Grilled Veggie Wrap
  • Sunbutter and Jelly Sandwich

Every meal includes the following items:

  • Wrap/sandwich
  • Canned Soda or Bottle Water
  • Bag of Chips
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Dessert
  • Disposable Utensils and Napkin


What About Safety?

Our Team is closely monitoring CDC and PA Health Department regulations and guidelines, and we do our best to reduce the chances of any infection as much as humanly possible. We sanitize equipment between use according to CDC protocol. While at work, everyone on our Team wears a mask and maintains social distancing whenever possible. We keep track of who we meet, so if we become aware of someone we met contracting COVID-19, we are able to immediately alert our Team. If we notice COVID-19 symptoms on ourselves or on our family members we immediately let our Team know and follow the appropriate steps to quarantine and get tested.

We ask that you follow a similar safety protocol: please do not come to Camp if you or someone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive. When you are at Camp, maintain social distancing, follow your schedule to avoid bumping into other groups, and use only the equipment assigned to your family. Wear a mask when social distancing is not possible and when interacting with our staff. If within 14 days after your event you or anyone from your Family Unit start having symptoms of COVID-19, or is tested positive, please let us know immediately.