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Men-O-Lan has both winterized and summer cabins. For colder months, our winterized cabins come complete with heaters, giving you the ability to find that perfect temperature. For a more rustic stay in the warmer months, our summer cabins replace glass windows with screens, so you can enjoy the summer breeze both indoors and out. Each cabin contains eight bunk beds, adding up to a capacity of 16 individuals for each cabin.

The cabins are split into two groups on the campus. The East Side Cabin Group contains three winterized cabins and two summer cabins, while the West Side Cabin Group contains three winterized cabins and three summer cabins. Each cabin group is within close proximity to a bath house. Interested guests rent by cabin group, with a minimum of three cabins.

What are they good for anyway?
The cabins lend themselves to smaller to medium sized groups. Those who enjoy the feel of “roughing it” but still want the comfort of a bunk and mattress will feel right at home!



Just because you’re in the woods doesn’t mean you have to rough it all the time. Our cottages have two bedrooms each and are adjoined by a shared bathroom. Each bedroom contains a queen sized bed, as well as a desk for some personal reflection time.

Best Use:
The cottages are great for those who are looking for a slightly more comfortable and private stay. They can also be a great place for families to stay. One room for the parents, and one room for the kids.

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Landis Hall

Landis Hall give you a little bit of everything! Its many features include two dorm-style rooms for guest lodging, a full-sized gymnasium, a kitchen, and a meeting room. The dorms each contain 13 bunk beds (that’s a total capacity of 52 for Landis Hall…if you do the math!), as well as a half bath. Restrooms on the lower level of the building provide two showers each. The gymnasium has a full-sized basketball court, as well as a removable volleyball net. Beyond that, the space is yours to use for whatever sport you desire. The kitchen includes a commercial refrigerator, stove, chest freezer, ice machine, microwave, and stainless steel preparation tables. Of course, Landis Hall also has heat and air conditioning for whatever time of year you decide to come!

Best Use:
Landis Hall is our largest lodging facility, and therefore great for larger groups. Church groups, youth retreats, school groups, will all be right at home. Below is a list of the items available in the kitchen, if you need more than these things please plan to bring your own. 
Landis Hall Kitchen Inventory