What Campers Say


I had a really nice time! The staff/counselors are very sweet, open, loving, and fun. They wanted to get to know my name, and they care about everyone. I felt close to the girls in my cabin, as well as my counselors and everyone at Camp. Thank you for a great week! (Resident Camper)


This week helped me open my heart to other people. (Resident Camper)


Counselors were amazing this summer. It was an amazing year. (Day Camper)


On Thursday night at campfire I felt really moved and closer to God on a whole new level that I've never felt before. I really enjoyed Camp and all of the great experiences that I had here. (Resident Camper)


The loving, supportive environment here inspires me to follow God closer. This week I realized that I need God as my rock. He comes before all else. (Resident Camper)


This is the best camp ever, rate: 1 gazillion. (Day Camper)


This week has opened my eyes to the fact that I belong to Christ and has taught me how to better read the Bible. I have felt God personally touch my heart and bring me to my knees crying of joy. (Resident Camper)


10/10 camp, worthy of MFC: “Most Fun Camp!” (Day Camper)