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Camp is about making friends, having fun, and getting to know God. Camp is a place where you belong. You will have opportunities to try new things, learn independence, and build friendships that will last for many years to come. In life expectations often tower over you, at Camp you can take a break and figure out who you were meant to be. And whether you know God or you’ve never even thought you’d ever care, you’ll leave with a better understanding of His love for you. No matter if you are 6 or 14.

Camp is where you belong.

Age Groups:


Our Sprouts are children entering into Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade in the Fall. This program introduces summer camp to our youngest campers. Sprouts participate in many of the activities the older kids do, while have low key programs that are geared towards this young age group. Their Bible studies are fun and focus on awesome stories and basic truths from the Bible. They have caring and kind counselors who have experience working with little ones.


Our Seekers group is for campers entering 3rd and 4th grades. Seekers participate in all the fun theme related activities with the other age groups, and have certain activities that are only offered to them. They can try new things the Sprouts are not yet allowed to do, such as our climbing wall or giant swing. Their Bible studies are exciting and focus on developing great character. Their counselors are energetic and fun-loving, and have experience working with children.


The Explorers group is for children entering 5th and 6th grades in the Fall. On top of the exciting theme activities with the rest of Day Camp, Explorers are offered more choices that are appropriate for older kids, like archery or challenge course initiatives. Explorer Bible studies are interesting and go deeper than the previous ages, allowing more discussion on the topics. Their counselors are friendly, approachable, caring, and trained to work with kids who are transitioning from childhood to adolescent.


Our Pathfinders are our oldest campers entering 7th through 9th grade. Pathfinders participate in theme activities with the other groups, and also have a chance to do things none of the younger day campers can do, like the zip line. Their Bible studies are interesting and thought provoking, and focus on building a strong character to withstand the challenges of everyday life. Their counselors are approachable, caring, attentive, and fun-loving, who understand the complicated life of teenagers.


2019 Pricing

Tuition: $240/week

Hot Lunch (optional): $30/week

Early Care: $32/week (7:00 am - 8:30 am Hot breakfast is served to those who arrive by 8:00 am.)

After Care: $28/week (4:45 pm - 6:00 pm)

Early and After Care Package: $50/week (over 13 hours of additional supervision) 

We do offer scholarships if you need additional financial help. More information is available here.

Look for the form during the application process to apply.

For more details about our program check out the 2019 Playbook.

2019 Weeks & Themes 

Week 1 – Classic (June 24-28)
Come and join us for a week of traditional camping activities! Play some of the all-time favorite group games, go on nature hikes, learn to navigate in the woods and to build a fire, make s’mores, and get refreshed in the pool! Perfect start for our new-to-camp kids, and great warm-up for our old timers!
Week 2 – Create (July 1-5)
An inspiring week of creativity and constructing. Create special structures, make beautiful art pieces, or write, direct and act out a short play by the end of the week. Men-O-Lan’s Got Talent!
Week 3 – Ancient Persia (The Life of Queen Esther) (July 8-12)
Ancient themes allow campers to encounter famous people from the Bible who tell their stories in first person, introduce us to their culture thousands of years ago, and share important, life-altering messages from Scripture. This year we are excited to meet the brave, selfless, and fabulous Queen Esther!
Week 4 – Superheroes (July 15-19)
We put a twist on 2018’s Heroes and Villains and expanded the theme! We’re looking for heroes from our everyday life to galaxies far, far away! Watch how good and evil collide, and the Ultimate Superhero wins the battle once and for all.
Week 5 – Wild West (July 22-26)
Ever wondered what it was like living in Western America two hundred years ago? Put on your cowboy boots and hang on to your hat, this will be another wild adventure! Lasso the bull, ride ‘em pool-noodle horses, find all the gold you can, and defeat the bandits in a grand line-dance-off!
Week 6 – Jesus Road Trip (July 29-August 2)
This week we will travel to Israel during the time of Jesus. We’ll visit some of the famous locations of His ministry, meet many of the interesting people He encountered, and hear His most important messages. Get on board, this will be a trip of a lifetime!
Week 7 – Around the World in 5 days (August 5-9)
We invite you to join us on a new around-the-world-expedition, where we’ll explore new countries, learn about other cultures, and get a great picture of what life is like outside our own continent. You will not only learn, but will have a lot of fun! Get your best accent ready, and let’s go!
Week 8 – Wet and Wild (August 12-16)
Everyone’s all-time favorite theme is back for yet another summer! A week full of fun water activities by the lake, in the pool, and on the field. Pack your bathing suit and sunscreen and plan to get wet!

A Day at Day Camp

Do you wonder what the daily schedule might be? This sample schedule below gives an example. (Please note our daily routine may change at any time as we refine it to better serve our campers. Also the schedule is slightly varied for different age groups.)
7:30am: Early Care Starts
8am: Breakfast for Early Care
8:30am-8:50am: Regular Check-In
9am: Worship and Bible time
10:25am: Skill Groups
11:30am: Lunch
12:15pm: Free Time
12:50pm: Game Time/Pool Time
2pm: Pool Time/Game Time
3:10pm: Snack Time
3:20pm: Theme Time
4:20pm: Group Time
4:30pm: Regular Check-Out
4:45pm-6pm: After Care






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