Resident Camp









Camp will give you: Opportunities to try new things, campfires, adventures, a break from the pressure of social media, camaraderie, inside jokes, and six days to build friendships that will last for many years to come. Camp is a place to figure out who you are. Camp is a game-changer. And whether you know God or you’ve never even thought you’d ever care, you’ll leave with a better understanding of His love for you.

Camp is where you belong.

Resident Camp Sessions 2019
June 23-28: Grades 9th-13th
June 30-July 5: Grades 4th-8th
July 7-10: Mini Camp: Grades 2nd-5th
July 14-19: Grades 4th-8th
July 21-26: Grades 9th-12th
Youth Leadership Program: We are offering a special training opportunity for youth age 15 to 17, who would like to serve, develop leadership skills, and grow in their relationship with God. For more information please visit the Youth Leadership Program page.
2019 Pricing
We offer tiered pricing in Resident Camp. You choose what you pay for the program. 
Tier 1: $425/week. This price is closer to the actual costs to run one camp session.
Tier 2: $380/week. Subsidized rate provided by donors.
Mini Week (2nd-5thgrades): July 7-10 a shorter week.
Tier 1: $305 This price is closer to the actual costs to run one camp session.
Tier 2: $260 Subsidized rate provided by donors.
Want the whole week of fun? Add Thursday and Friday in Day Camp for: $90

We do offer scholarships if you need additional financial help. More information is available here. Look for the form during the application process to apply.

If you have questions about Resident Camp, please call us at 215-679-5144, or email at: 
For more details about our program check out the 2019 Playbook.
A Day at Resident Camp
Do you wonder what the daily schedule might be? This sample schedule below gives an example. (Please note our daily routine may change at any time as we refine it to better serve our campers. Also the schedule is slightly varied for different age groups.)
7:30am: Wake up call
8:30am: Breakfast
9:15am: Worship and Bible time
10:30am: Morning Game
11:20am: Skill Groups
12:30pm: Lunch
1:15pm: FOB FOB (Flat on Back, Feet on Bunk) - AKA rest time.
2pm: Afternoon Activity
3:15pm: Cabin Choice/Pool Time
4:15pm: Pool Time/Cabin Choice
5:30pm: Dinner
6:30pm: Evening Activity
7:30pm: Snack Shop
8pm: Campfire
9:15pm: Cabin Devotions
10pm: Lights Out









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