We have a variety of facilities to serve your group's needs. For more information about what might be the best fit for your group and goals please give us a call at 215-679-5144 or click here to email us. 




cabin outside


Men-O-Lan has both winterized and summer cabins. For colder months, our winterized cabins come complete with heaters, giving you the ability to find that perfect temperature. For a more rustic stay in the warmer months, our summer cabins replace glass windows with screens, so you can enjoy the summer breeze both indoors and out. Each cabin contains eight bunk beds, adding up to a capacity of 16 individuals for each cabin.
The cabins are split into two groups on the campus - Woodside and Stream-side. The Stream-side Cabin Group contains three winterized cabins and two summer cabins, while the Woodside Cabin Group contains three winterized cabins and three summer cabins. Each cabin group is within close proximity to a bath house. Interested guests rent by cabin group, with a minimum of three cabins.
Best Use:
The cabins lend themselves to smaller to medium sized groups. Those who enjoy the feel of “roughing it” but still want the comfort of a bunk and mattress will feel right at home!
Example Cabin Layout



Just because you’re in the woods doesn’t mean you have to rough it all the time. Our cottages have two bedrooms each and are adjoined by a shared bathroom. The Missionary Cottage has two bedrooms with two queen beds, the Nurses Cottage has two bedrooms with a queen and a double sized bed. At this time we don't provide linens for the cottages. 
Best Use:
The cottages are great for those who are looking for a slightly more comfortable and private stay. Groups use them for guest speakers or special guests. They can be a great place for families to stay using one room for the parents, and one room for the kids.

landis hall outside

Landis Hall

Landis Hall give you a little bit of everything! Its many features include two dorm-style rooms for guest lodging, a full-sized gymnasium, a kitchen, and a meeting room. The dorms each contain 13 bunk beds (that’s a total capacity of 52 for Landis Hall…if you do the math!), as well as a half bath. Restrooms on the lower level of the building provide two showers each. The gymnasium has a full-sized basketball court, as well as a removable volleyball net. Beyond that, the space is yours to use for whatever sport you desire. The kitchen includes a commercial refrigerator, stove, chest freezer, ice machine, microwave, and stainless steel preparation tables. Of course, Landis Hall also has heat and air conditioning for whatever time of year you decide to come!
Best Use:
Landis Hall is our largest lodging facility, and therefore great for larger groups. Church groups, youth retreats, school groups, will all be right at home. Below is a list of the items available in the kitchen, if you need more than these things please plan to bring your own. 
Landis Hall Kitchen Inventory
Landis First Floor Layout
Landis Second Floor Layout




aud outside


The Auditorium is a large meeting room with a total capacity of 175 individuals. Its wooden floor and large fireplace give it a homey and rustic feel. A small stage at the front of the room makes the Auditorium a great place presentations or services of any kind. Tables and chairs are available for set-up. This building also contains a small kitchenette which includes a sink, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator and preparation counters.
Best Use:
Larger groups who need a place for presentations and services will be able to make the best use of the Auditorium. Church groups, school groups, and other retreats have been using it for this purpose for years!
Auditorium Layout



Wilhemina is a small meeting room located in the Woodside Cabin Group. It has a capacity of about 20 people. Tables and chairs are available for set-up. Wilhemina also contains a small kitchenette complete with a refrigerator, sink, coffee maker, and microwave. A gas fireplace provides heat for the room.
Best Use:
Wilhemina is a great space for small groups to meet. Those who are staying in the Woodside Cabin Group will find it especially convenient.
Whilhemina Layout


The open air pavilion at Men-o-lan has a capacity of around 80 people. It typically contains 8 picnic tables for eating, craft making, or whatever you chose to use the space for. At the pavilion, you will have access to electricity and running water. It is in close proximity to Landis Hall, and just outside there is a fire pit. The pavilion is typically available from Memorial Day to the end of October.
Best Use:
The pavilion is great for medium sized groups looking for a meeting space in warmer months. It lends itself quite nicely for picnic-style meals. Groups staying in Landis Hall will find its location convenient.



Adventure Activities

giant-swing-2Giant Swing:


This adventure activity is a swing on steroids. You will be harnessed to the swing and your group will pull you to the desired height up to 25 feet off the ground. Once you reach the height you desire you will be in control of releasing yourself for the large swing. This activity emphasizes the step of faith along with fun.

Time: 1.5 Hours
Ages: 8 and up
Group size: 8-12


Climbing Tower:


Our climbing tower is 35 feet high and has various levels of challenge. We have two different walls with varying levels of challenge. The harder side had two overhanging boxes. The easier side starts with a positive slope, which means it is less than vertical and transitions to a vertical wall halfway up. One to two people may climb at one time. You’ll learn proper climbing techniques, set personal goals and receive encouragement from your group.

Time: 1.5 Hours
Ages: 8 and up
Group size: 8-18


Challenge-CourseChallenge Course:


Junior high, senior high and adult groups will encounter 2 or 3 challenge “initiatives” that use bean bags, hoops, ropes and other props to teach foundational team-building skills and concepts. As the group progresses, they will work with 2 or 3 more challenging activities involving ropes, platforms, the wall, and teeter-totters. We’ll take time to observe, discuss and learn from the group’s approach to solving the particular challenge. Participants grow in communication, leadership, cooperation, patience, goal-setting, analysis and planning.

Time: 3 Hours
Ages: 8 and up
Group size: 8-15



Camp Men-O-Lan’s zipline is 300 feet long. This challenge will have you climb a ladder and tree staples to our platform approximately 25 feet up in the starting tree. Once the facilitator has all your equipment ready you will be in instructed that you are free to leave the platform under your own power and zip to the gravity stop.

Time: 1.5 Hours
Ages: 12 and up
Group size: 8-12
Weight Limit: 275 lbs.





Men-O-Lan’s playground can provide hours of fun. Equipment includes a metal slide, merry-go-round, bouldering wall, and a GaGa pit.



If you’re into sports, there are plenty of opportunities to play! Men-O-Lan a variety of spaces dedicated for athletics including…

  • Outdoor Basketball Court 

  • Sand Volleyball Court

  • Street Hockey Court
  • Ga-Ga Court
  • Upper and Lower Ballfields- perfect for Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and more.

  • Tetherball

  • Bouldering Cave



There are many games to be played spread out on the grounds of camp. They include carpetball, shuffleboard, horseshoes/quoits, and cornhole.


Hiking Trails


Men-O-Lan has four hiking trails. They range from more difficult rock-hopping to a relaxing walk in the woods.

Red Fox: The longest trail at camp Men-O-Lan. Many boardwalks and bridges over and around Hazelbach Creek make this trail one of the most scenic. Moderate Difficulty

Blue Rock: The Blue Rock Trail is also known at camp as the “rock hop” sections of this trail require some moderate scrambling from rock to rock. Not the best trail for a wet day, but one of Camp’s most fun to hike when the weather is nice! Most Difficult

White Tail: This is a great trail for getting to different key locations on the property. The White Tail Trail runs past or near destinations such as the pond, the lean-to, the zipline and giant swing, and the water slide. Easy to Moderate

Wood Chuck: The Wood Chuck Trail is a relaxing and fun trail that takes you to the eastern edge of the property. You can enjoy a jaunt in an open field as well as a nice walk through an evergreen forest. Easiest

Water Activities



The Pond at Camp Men-O-Lan is a place of fun for all ages. Groups can make use of our paddleboats and canoes free of charge, as well as try to catch the big one! (with a license of course).


Camp Men-O-Lan’s pool is just the rights size for your group to enjoy on a hot summer day. The pool is available for reservation from Memorial Day to Labor Day. All of our Lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross.


Experience the thrill of our fast and fun Waterslide. The slide has an approximated 28 feet of elevation change, and is just the right thing to cool you off in the summer! Like the pool, the waterslide is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


Outdoor CookingOutdoor-Cooking

At Camp we believe that cooking over a fire automatically makes food taste better. While we may not have the science to back that statement up, we do provide you with the facilities to cook outdoors! Check out the information below for more details.

Location Type of Facility Fuel
Dining Hall Large BBQ Pit Grill Wood (Provided)
Landis Hall Small Fire Pit with Grill Wood (Provided)
Pavilion Small BBQ Pit with Grill Wood (Provided)
Woodside Side Cabins Small Fire Pit with Grill Wood (Provided)
Auditorium Small Fire Pit with Grill Wood (Provided)

All outdoor cooking stations are free of charge with day rental or facility rental.