2024 Registered Families

Prepare for the 2024 camp season and stay up to date! The information on this page is helpful and important.

Camp Men-O-Lan Playbook: includes answers to the most frequently asked questions (what to bring, when to pay, medication brought to Camp, etc.), contains descriptions of certain elements of Camp, and includes important policies that guide us through every day camp life.

KidCheck: this is the electronic check-in software we use. If your church, day care, etc. already uses it, you can use your existing account. Otherwise you can create an account for free and use it for years to come!

Email and cell phone number: please make sure these two very important pieces of contact information are UP TO DATE in your camper's account. We regularly send out important, and sometimes URGENT information via email and text.

Upcoming events: we recommend attending our year-round events to reconnect with camp friends and camp staff. Our next event is Summerfest on May 18. We hope to see you there!