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The testimonies of both campers and staff members continue.

Join us for an incredible summer and impact young people for God in 2024!


Why work at a summer camp

Working at a camp as a counselor, program, or support staff gives you invaluable experience in several areas. You develop leadership and organizational skills, refine your interpersonal skills, and improve your communication skills. You are stretched, mentored, and as a result, you grow in ways that will benefit you both personally and professionally.

When someone asks: why don’t you get a “real job”?

We understand the need for personal and professional growth through experiences. We also recognize the pressure you feel from school and potential future employers to show off a variety of skills. We want to debunk the common myth that a camp job is effortless fun all day long. It is one of the “realest jobs” out there. To help you verbalize the professional and personal benefits of working at a summer camp, we put together this list of skills you will develop and improve while you work at Camp. Click here to get an idea how to put in words what you learned at Camp when you attend your next professional interview.

Why work at Camp Men-O-Lan

Men-O-Lan’s mission is Life Change through Christ. Every single member on our Team is here to provide the backdrop and facilitate positive change and personal growth in the life of campers and staff alike. Our Camp has been a safe haven for thousands of children and youth for 80 years. At Men-O-Lan we put high emphasis on campers’ and staff members’ spiritual well-being and regularly provide opportunities for worship, Bible study, group devotionals, and individual and corporate prayer. If you would like to be a part of something greater than you, this is a fantastic opportunity!

Who are our campers?

Our campers come from K-12th grade, every background, and every segment of our society. A large number of our campers don’t know Jesus personally! God uses our staff to reach these young people with the Gospel, and create an atmosphere where they feel safe, loved, and important. Every single person on our Team is part of the great mission of facilitating “Life Change through Christ”.

Who are our Summer Team members?

After the Holy Spirit, they are the most important part of our ministry, and we love and cherish them. We handpick every single person on our Team to best serve our campers. Applicants go through an extensive screening process including a written application, an in-person (when that is not possible, a Zoom or phone) interview, and several references. We are looking for committed Christians who submit to God and His Word, who want to serve others, have a compassionate and kind heart, and are able to balance truth and love. If you know this description fits you, apply today! 

What our campers said about our counselors

  • They were so supportive and spiritually uplifting. I grew very close to them this year because of that.
  • They were so much fun. Lots of laughter. And really brought us closer to God.
  • My counselors were super supportive and kind. They gave great advice and were super funny.
  • They were amazing. I absolutely love them.
  • Very nice and welcoming. Made sure to include everyone and were always there for you.
  • They were fun, caring, adventurous, and generous.
Do you feel like these quotes describe you? Then head over to the application page and apply now!


Resident Camp: Sunday to Friday, plus one Saturday clean up (July 27)
Day Camp: Monday to Friday, plus one Saturday clean up (August 17)
June 3-11
Summer Leadership Training and Prep
June 12-21
Staff Training and Prep
June 23-28
Resident Camp, High School I
Day Camp Week 1
June 30 - July 5
Resident Camp, Middle School
Day Camp Week 2
July 7 - 12
Resident Camp, Lower Middle School
Day Camp Week 3
July 14 - 19
Resident Camp, Elementary School
Day Camp Week 4
July 21 - 26
Resident Camp, Mini Week
Day Camp Week 5
Camp Connect
July 29 - August 2
Day Camp Week 6
August 5 - 9
Day Camp Week 7
August 12 - 17
Day Camp Week 8


Need help to decide what position would be the best fit for you? 

Read this: Which position should I choose?

2024 Positions


Need more info? Check out these FAQ’s.
I don’t have any experience with kids. Should I even apply?
That depends on whether you feel called to work with children or not. Everyone starts with no experience. If you have a heart for kids, if you genuinely care about their spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, and you want to be a blessing to them, then the lack of experience should not deter you.
I want to be at Camp but I am only willing to be a [fill in the blank].
Ministry is about serving others. We all have a preference in how we would like to serve, but at the end of the day, serving is about others and not ourselves. At Camp we often wear many hats depending on the needs of campers and fellow staff members. If you are not willing to do whatever the community needs you to do, then you are probably not a good fit for Camp just yet.
I want to work at Camp but I am not 18 years old yet.
We have several opportunities for those who would like to serve but are under the age of 18. We also have leadership programs through which future summer staff candidates can develop leadership skills and start preparing for future camp roles.
I would like to work at Camp, but I cannot commit to the whole summer. Can you accommodate my schedule?
This is a tough one, because once you are on the Team, your campers and fellow staff members are counting you, and it is very hard to find suitable replacement for a week here and a week there. Generally, between two equally fit candidates we will choose the one who is able to commit to the whole summer. We understand that some of our staff members need to return to college before the end of the camp season, and we do our best to accommodate that. Resident Camp staff is expected to stay until the end of the last Resident Camp session.
Does Camp have a doctrinal statement?
Camp Men-O-Lan has a Statement of Faith. We serve campers from any and all backgrounds. Our counselors and other team members are committed Christians who seek to cultivate an active relationship with Jesus and live according to His Word. This is important as we share the Gospel with campers, pray with them, and get through difficult situations with a Biblical mindset. Our Bible-based core values inform our decisions in every situation.
I am a returnee. Do I need new references?
Yes. You need two new references. A lot can happen between two camp seasons, and it is helpful to hear from different people how you are growing personally and professionally, as well as in your relationship with Jesus.
I live outside the United States. How can I work at Camp?
There is a process to go through, but it is a great opportunity. Camp has had many international staff members over the past five years. Before you apply you need to make sure you are eligible for a J1 visa. You have to be in school or have a steady job where your employer expects you to return after the camp season. You will need to complete Camp’s application and participate in an interview. If you are offered a position, you will need to get connected with a visa sponsor agency. In short, they will be the ones who vouch for you at the US Embassy in your country. You will have to apply for a visa with their sponsorship. They will also help you sort out insurance and travel. There are several fees associated with this process: the visa sponsor will charge you, there is a visa fee, as well as travel expenses. While this may sound like a complicated process, your summer experience is truly worth it.
I applied previously and was not offered a position. Can I apply again?
Yes. There can be several reasons why you were not offered a position previously, the most common is that we had candidates who were a better fit for the position. As you gain experience and grow personally, professionally, and in your relationship with Jesus, you’re becoming a stronger candidate.