Guest Groups FAQ

Group Booking Information

  • Q: How far in advance can I book an event at Camp Men-o-lan?

    A: Men-o-lan books guest groups based on the following guidelines…

    1. No group can book farther than a year in advance.

    2. If you book at or just after the end of your retreat we do our best to give you the comparable dates the following year. You need to make your deposit to hold your dates.

  • Q: What is the total number of guests that Men-o-lan can accommodate?

    A: Men-o-lan has a guest group capacity of 156 in colder months and 236 in the warmer months (call for more details)

  • Q: Are there any months of the year when Men-o-lan cannot host guest groups?

    A: Technically no, however from the middle of June to the end of July, Camp Men-o-lan holds overnight Resident Camp Programs. These camps do use all of the facilities on property from Sunday afternoons to Friday evenings. During this period, we can only accommodate those groups looking to book day events on Saturdays.

  • Q: Once I’ve inquired about a date for my event, how can I make sure that my dates are held?

    A: If the dates are available and our Guest Services staff has the information they need from you, a contract will be written and sent to your group. In order to secure your groups dates, we require the contract to be signed and sent to us along with a deposit of 25% of the total cost of your stay.

  • Q: Does Men-o-lan host multiple groups on the same dates?

    A: Yes, we do host multiple groups at a time. We ask that groups respect the lodging facilities of the other groups and be courteous and share the common areas.

  • Q: Can my group come to Men-o-lan for a day trip?

    A: Yes! Groups that come to Men-o-lan for a day pay our day rate plus the fee for any added other facilities that have a charge associated with them. There are a number of facilities that are included for free with the day rate. Those include...

    • Hiking Trails
    • Outdoor recreation courts/fields
    • Chapel in the Woods (with reservation)
    • Paddle Boats and Canoes (with reservation)
    • Playgrounds
    • Fire Pits
  • Q: When are the Check-In and Check-Out times?

    A: Check-in time for groups is between 4pm and 10pm. We ask for at least one group member to arrive at a designated time within the range of 4pm and 10pm to meet with our staff.
    Check-out time is 12pm, you don’t have to leave the grounds at noon, but must be out of lodging facilities so our cleaning staff can start preparing for the next group.

  • Q: Are linens provided?

    A: No we don't provide linens

  • Q: Are there televisions and phones?

  • A: To promote a beneficial retreat experience, we encourage guests to take a break from the technology that crowds our lives and to focus on building relationships with Christ and others. For that reason, we do not have televisions available (except for use with DVDs).
  • Q: Is there cell phone reception?

    A: Most people with Verizon Wireless get good reception. AT&T and Sprint users have mixed results. Guests with any other carrier will not likely get reception.

  • Q. Can I bring electronic devices (radio, mp3, electronic toys, etc.)?

    A: Again, to promote a beneficial retreat experience, we ask that you do not use electronics outdoors or in any of the public areas. If you do use them, the volume must be confined to your room.

  • Q: Is there Wifi at Men-o-lan?

    A: There is Wi-Fi available in the center of camp, at Landis Hall, and the Auditorium.

  • Q: Can I bring my pets to Camp Men-o-lan?

    A: With the exception of assistance animals, pets are not permitted on camp property.

  • Q: Does Men-o-lan have quiet hours?

    A: Yes, quiet hours are from 11:00pm to 7:00am. Please be respectful of our neighbors and other guests.

  • Q: Is there a dress code?

    A: Men-o-lan serves guests of all ages from a variety of cultural and denominational backgrounds. Out of respect for one another, we ask that guests wear clothing that is modest and not distracting to our Christian retreat environment. All guests are requested to keep their shirts on while in public areas of camp. Two-piece swim suits are not permitted unless the fabric of the tankini fully overlays. Coverups should be worn over swim suits except at the swimming pool.

  • Q. What is your policy on alcohol and tobacco?

    A. Alcohol is not permitted. We ask you not to smoke on camp property.

  • Q: Can I bring fireworks or firearms?

    A: The use of fireworks or firearms of any kind – including pellet guns, paintball guns, slingshots and BB guns – are not permitted anywhere on the camp property.

  • Q: What if there is an injury?

    A: We ask groups to provide their own first aid kit. Please report serious injuries to the on call person. Directions to St Luke’s Quakertown are available in our buildings.

  • Q: Why are you taking pictures?

    A: Our staff may take photos and/or video footage for promotional purposes, including web and print publication. Names will only be used with permission.